Trijicon HD Glock - Orange

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Trijicon HD Glock - Orange Created to address needs of tactical shooters, the Trijicon's Compact HD Night Sigh features a tritium lamp with three green dots, a taller than average blade, an aiming point on the photo luminescent paint, and a wide U-shaped notch. This unique configuration enhances visibility and facilitated quick target acquisition even in quickly changing lighting conditions. Additionally, the rear sight's front surface is steep to assist in emergency one-handed slide operation.


  • Tritium phosphor lamp provides illumination without any power supply 
  • Aluminum cylinders provide physical protection for the tritium lamp 
  • Scratch-resistant protective sapphire window 
  • Silicone cushion offers additional protection against recoil 
  • Clear coat on front post protects orange dot 
  • U-shaped notch enhances ability for target acquisition with front sight 
  • Subdued rear sight has angled and serrated surface to reduce glare 
  • Rugged durable metal body construction

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