Hexmag HexID Color Identification System (2-Pack)

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Hexmag HexID Color Identification System (2-Pack) Unique to the Hexmag is the highly visible HexID color identification system that enables you to quickly organize your magazines by ammunition type or caliber without having to write on your magazines. For instance, you might use the orange color for your 5.56 / .223 ammunition and zombie green color for your 300 blackout ammunition. Or separate colors for your self defense ammunition and range ammo. The applications are endless and very useful and practical.

One pack includes 2 followers and 2 latch plates.

Hexmag HexID Color Identification System allows for quick and easy marking of ammunition types. Utilization of the latch plate button for color designation eliminates the need to paint pen mark magazines. Highly-visible, color coordinated followers allow for instant recognition of a fully expended magazine.

  • High visibility for easy ammunition recognition
  • Allows for quick organization
  • Eliminates the need to write on magazines
  • Compatible with HexMag HX30-AR Magazines
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lifetime warranty

Satisfaction guaranteed

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