Diamondhead Rear Polymer Sight

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Diamondhead Rear Polymer Sight is developed with a Polymer Spring-Loaded Flip-Up Rear Sight with NiteBrite to provide you with excellent visibility at a much lower cost. 

This rear sight can be mount on any weapon with a top Picatinny rail. Two NiteBrite inserts to the sides of the aperture help you line up the sights even when ambient light is insufficient. Both the long and short-range apertures feature a diamond shape to help you line it up with the front sight faster. 

This rear sight can also be folded down or flipped up in a fraction of a second, making it a perfect backup sight for a scope or red dot. The sight is made from advanced polymers that are exceptionally strong but light as a feather.

  • Advanced Polymer/Composite construction

  • NiteBrite™- Photoluminescent inserts

  • Spring-loaded sight flips up quickly with the push of a button, stays up securely and folds down flat

  • Patented Diamond-shaped upper housing for fast alignment with the Diamond Rear Polymer Sight

  • Easy Elevation adjustment (with no tools)


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